Lila Hirsch Brody


Lila Hirsch- Brody has chosen to paint with acrylics rather than oil from the beginning. “Oil didn’t dry fast enough. I’m too spontaneous,” she explains. And, she loves the textures she can create with acrylic paint, sometimes mixing in other media, like paper, sequins, fiber and more, producing dramatic results. Her flowers literally burst from the canvas and seem to bloom before your eyes. Her landscapes explode in color, like a field of flowers after a storm. She sees the world with the eyes of a child, only in Technicolor, and it is her artistic mission to convey this vision and share what she calls her “passion” with the world. 

“When you grow up, you cease to be an artist,” she says, paraphrasing Picasso. From her artists statement, Lila’s says, “ As an artist, my desire is to create a positive response to my viewer through my use of color and form, composition and texture. My landscapes, florals and abstract works refer to the innate and organic forms of nature. There is an awakening in both flowers and landscapes in each season, just as the human spirit renews itself. Through the awareness of the cycles in the natural world, (flowers, plants, trees) we weave a rich tapestry from the very soul of the Earth. “In my work, I hope to evoke the spirit and essence of the Earth and its Creator.” 

Lila is a long-standing member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, Pittsburgh Fiber Artists Guild, and the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. She has served on the Boards of both PSA and AAP, and volunteers for both along with many others. Ms. Hirsch Brody’s work has been seen in many regional galleries and museums, and in New York at the New Amsterdam Gallery.